Okay, so that’s a pretty presumptuous title, but hey, it made me laugh and you look!
So I haven’t posted in a long time, mainly because med school is hard, and it continues to be so, but, oh well. I knew that going in.
I love lists. They are easy to read and easy to write; and since med school is hard, I’m going to do something easy. Here’s a list of things I’m doing to help myself feel like I’m winning at studying for my board exam. You can use these tips to promote optimism in your life:

* Make a plan, and make it a game. For example, I have a checklist for every page I get done. Yesterday I found out that if I listen to one resource while annotating the other (on the same subject, of course). That way I get checks on both at the same time! I win! Cross reference my brother’s blog entry on this here.
* Tell yourself you did a good job. When you’re doing a solo job, like studying, someone has to tell you that you’re doing good.
* Sometimes it’s good to add an extra bit of affirmation by agreeing with your statements, mmhmm. (nods) I even do this verbally. (I learned that from my friend Katie). Affirmation is motivational.
* Give yourself something to look forward to. It’s hard to get through long days, so setting up a treat to look forward to helps. Hope is motivational.
* Tell yourself a better story. Have an adventure! If things feel like everyone else is eating ice cream and you’re just stuck with fava beans (PS Does anyone know how to make these taste good?!), then try telling yourself a new story. You get to explore the rich culinary tradition of the Mediterranean on mission to discover how and why people eat what they eat. Doesn’t that sound more exciting?
*Make World Records. For your information, I’m on track to set the world record for most-practice-questions-I’ve-ever-done-in-the-past-week today. I feel like I’m living a pretty epic life.
* Be thankful. There is so much to be thankful for. It really helps if you take your eyes off the problems and put them on Jesus and thank him for all your little blessings.
* Take advantage of moments. You can rest for a moment or worship for a moment. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get refreshed.
* Dress up. If you love how you look, it’s easier to feel good about what you’re doing, even if you don’t love that.

Okay, go win at life! You’re doing great!